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By Oscar V.

Oscar V.

It is vital for a cat to exercise, especially if it has little or no chance to move around outdoors. Exercise stimulates and enriches a cats life as well as it burns calories to avoid weight problems.

There are a lot of cats who don't have the chance to run around outdoors a lot, thus we, the owners, are responsible of making certain that they move around enough, to guarantee their wellbeing. To do this however, toys are the best method as playing around with your hands might leave you in bitter pain from scratches and bites. Petstages provides a new and different format, a toy-wand. The handle provides you the safe distance you need to avoid getting scratched while the catnip on top of it grabs the attention of the cat, bringin out its desire to play.

Petstages Hide and seek

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Features Petstages Hide and seek

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  • BrandPetstages
  • ColorsMulticolor

Description Petstages Hide and seek

Bell to play hide. Interior with catnip to attract. Retractable tape to make it move or play hide. Safety handle for comfort during play.

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