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As with any other pet with which we want to live, if we choose to fish we know that species or species acquire, as the range of possibilities is immense and that affects the type of aquarium we use, if they need fresh or salt water and at what temperature, if a fish can live with others, and certainly in the type of food we provide.

Only by keeping an eye paragraph of fish food that we offer in our online store animals you can get an idea of the variety. Here you will see food for fry , fish feed line for tropical species, for others who need food for cold water fish. This just to mention a few types.

But it can also vary the presentation of the food. In our online pet store you can see that there is fish food in granular form, flaked, in sticks and especially the flaked fish , one of the most requested. All major brands in this sector, from Trixie to Hagen , from JBL or Hobby Tetra to present their products in various formats for you to choose the most accepted your minnows.

A fish shop as complete

You see there is a huge variety of species, already named background, tropical or cold water, we should add the fish pond or freshwater. And each of these types requires an appropriate type of aquarium. In this a brand like Eheim can help us a lot because it is a guarantee for his long career in performing this type of elements and different accessories useful, as in this case may be an automatic feeder fish .

Well, we already have the fish in the aquarium water, now we have to feed them. It is quite simple if we know what species possess. Cans fish food, is the format that is, specify for animals is made. So it will clearly indicated if food for tropical fish or feed fish pond.

The big advantage is that these types of pets are usually small in size and therefore consume a minimum amount of food, either flaked, sticks or in granules for fish that are at your disposal. That is, maintenance is fairly inexpensive and a boat of these usually last a long time. That does not mean not throw them on time to eat.

This task is daily, so to get the holiday season can be a problem if we leave the fish alone at home. While manufacturers specialized in feeding fish they have prepared some food blocks to be diluted over time. May be fish food for a holiday up to 15 days , so we can leave home with all the tranquility and our return check that our little animals are still swimming in the aquarium.