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Oscar V.

Garden Flowers for Chinchillas will provide an important supply of fibre. They are very aromatic and are made with natural and selected ingredients such as chamomile, marigold or hops, which will strengthen their immune system. They are also suitable for other rodents such as rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. 

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Jr Farm Flores De Jardin Para Chinchillas

JR FARM Chinchillas Flowergarden is very high in crude fibre and low in energy. Selected ingredients such as camomile, hops or marigolds are not only aromatic and tasty but also strengthen the immune system and in this way subsequently contribute to ...


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Ingredients Jr Farm Flores De Jardin Para Chinchillas

Marigold petals 36,5%, hibiscus petals, chamomile petals 16%, rose petals 5%, cornflower petals 5%, hops 1,5%

Features Jr Farm Flores De Jardin Para Chinchillas

  • Reference4024344023422
  • Weight50 GR
  • BrandJr Farm
  • Product RangeJR Farm Food
  • Snacks ShapeChips
  • Flavor,
  • Small Animal TypeChinchillas

Description Jr Farm Flores De Jardin Para Chinchillas

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Great amount and lovely flowers


Primeira vez que dou a minha chinchila! Ela adorou!


Es un buen producto, acostumbro darles a mis chinchillas seguido y les gusta.


Flores variadas, algunas vienen un poco deshechas pero por el precio que tiene está bien.

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