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Litter Boxes for Small Animals

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Litter trays for Rabbits


Hygienic trays Rabbits will help you keep the cage or space your pet much cleaner, they are ideal to place in specific areas where your pet makes their needs, thus associate it with a kind of bath.

Rabbits naturally choose one or more sites to your needs, usually they are corners where you can place litter trays for Rabbits corner , and over time your pet will be used to make them without messing anything else.

In addition to keeping the site clean your pet for longer, use litter trays for Rabbits will facilitate cleaning your needs, you just need to get rid of waste from the tray without having to do all over the place.

Rabbit litter trays esquinera

With the litter box corner for rabbits you save space in the cage thanks to its shape that fits perfectly in a small space to the extreme. It is set on the bars through a wire that is located at the rear and its binding capacity prevents your pet can throw your needs trying to turn it .

Care hygiene and cleaning your pet's cage with litter trays Rabbits online we have for you in our shop

We have a variety of trays for hygienic plastic rabbits which ensures quick and easy cleaning.